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The Mission of Good Morning, Belfast!


Every week, Good Morning, Belfast! connects with the people of Belfast, Maine, as well as folks throughout Waldo and Knox Counties by providing our viewers with the open exchange of information, ideas, and cultural content.



Our vision for every one of our community TV shows is to inform, educate, inspire and delight our viewers.



At Good Morning, Belfast! we value:


Civic Engagement — Our responsibility is to promote awareness and participation in the democratic process. We seek to make workings of local government and the public conversation accessible to our viewers.


Creativity — We recognize the important role that creativity plays in our programs’ content. We support and nurture risk-taking and innovation that are hallmarks of a creative environment.


Ethical Standards — We maintain an unwavering commitment to fairness, transparency, tolerance, diversity and accountability.


Public Service — We take our role as broadcast stewards of the public trust extremely seriously. We strive to build value in the communities we serve through initiatives and programming that have the public interest at heart.


Formation of Good Morning, Belfast!

Good Morning, Belfast! was launched in 2018. as an independently owned and operated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with office and studio locations in Belfast, Maine.

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